Lest we forget


There has been no sound of guns,
No roar of exploding bombs;
But the darkness has an edge
That grits the nerves of the sleeper.

He awakens;
Nothing disturbs the stillness,
Save perhaps the light, slow flap,
Once only, of the curtain
Dim in the darkness.

Yet there is something else
That drags him from his bed;
And he stands in the darkness
With his feet cold against the floor
And the cold air round his ankles.
He does not know why,
But he goes to the window and sees
A beam of light, miles high,
Dividing the night into two before him,
Still, stark and throbbing.

The houses and gardens beneath
Lie under the snow
Quiet and tinged with purple.

There has been no sound of guns,
No roar of exploding bombs;
Only that watchfulness hidden among the snow-covered houses,
And that great beam thrusting back into heaven
The light taken from it.

We remember

This morning some members of Dalaradia visited graves of our former friends and comrades at a time of reflection in the run up to Remembrance Sunday.

When we come together to reflect, let’s remember our duty to educate future generations of our forebears’ sacrifices.

Honour – Service – Sacrifice


and our dear friend R. Warnock

The poppy

This morning, in conjunction with our sub group the RATH. Community Group, members of Dalaradia attended a local kids group workshop (Funky kids) and spoke to them about the meaning of the poppy, it’s history and what it represents.

To our surprise some kids already had a bit of knowledge about it which was amazing to see. We continue to see the poppy being attacked by Nationalist/Republicans. It is up to us to educate people on its true meaning.

The poppy is NOT a political/religious statement, symbol or message. It is not a sign of support for war. It does not belong to nor reflect on any paramilitary group. It does not belong to one organisation. It is a symbol of remembrance and hope. It is the international symbol of remembrance that applies as much to Muslims and Hindus as to Christians. It is totally ecumenical.

In the spring of 1915, shortly after losing a friend in Ypres, a Canadian doctor, Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae was inspired by the sight of poppies growing in battle-scarred fields to write a now famous poem called ‘In Flanders Fields’. After the First World War, the poppy was adopted as a symbol of Remembrance for all. Treat it as such.

We hope the kids enjoyed it. Lest we forget.

John Finucane and the IRA’s Human Rights’ Violations

Peter Bunting

Yesterday evening Dalaradia along with the Carson Project, hosted Peter Bunting, the Assistant General Secretary for the Irish Congress of Trade Unions at the Dunsilly Hotel, Antrim.

A very enjoyable discussion with many topics covered including the NHS, benifit cuts, social housing and the working classes role in Northern Ireland.

He would have responsibility for co-ordinating and de

veloping the Trade Union Movement in Northern Ireland. The Northern Ireland Committee (NIC) of ICTU is the representative body for 34 trade unions with approximately 215,000 members across Northern Ireland.

Peter has been involved in the following organisations: The Board of Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company; The Management Committee of Counteract and it successor, Trademark; The Management Committee of Belfast Unemployed Resource Centre; Belfast City Council Good Relations Committee; Economic Development Forum; and NI Water.

A native of Belfast, Peter has been an active trade unionist since 1972. Prior to his appointment to Congress Peter served as General Secretary of the National Bus and Rail Union in the Republic of Ireland. He holds a BA (Hons) from the Faculty of Business, Economic and Social Science, Trinity College, Dublin.

Many thanks to Peter and all in attendance.

Voter registration night

On Tuesday evening and yesterday evening members of Dalaradia in conjunction with our sub group the RATH. Community Group held a voter registration night to help members of the community get registered.

In total close to 40 people are now registered over the two nights. We want more! We need more! We will be organising another night this Tuesday 12th November 18:30 to 20:30. MLA Paula Bradley will be in attendance to help. Many thanks to the local elected representatives for their assistance this week.

Speaking with members of the community their concerns would surprise you. Be it the process registering, debt worries or even safety worries. Did you know you can request to register anonymously? If you think your name and address being on the electoral register could affect your safety, or the safety or someone in your household, you can register to vote anonymously.

You can do it here – https://www.electoralcommission.org.uk/…/register-vote-anon…

We can provide transportation for elderly members of the community if required, please contact the page.

Please share – you are most welcome to attend. Defend the Union

Public meeting i

This evening members of Dalaradia are hosting a public meeting in Antrim. There is also a public meeting in Sandy Row Orange Hall at the same time for anyone in that area. All are most welcome to attend.

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.

We cannot be the generation that fails Ulster.

Protect the Union

Unionist Unity rally

Yesterday evening members of Dalaradia attended a Unionist Unity rally meeting in a packed North Belfast Orange Memorial Hall.

There were many topics of discussion including the betrayal act, the Union and the upcoming elections being paramount. It was extremely positive and reminiscent of the Ulster Says No mass protest campaign against the provisions of the 1985 Anglo-Irish Agreement.

Something notable was the many men and women from all backgrounds standing side by side, United, pushing an uncompromising message of a people backed into a corner with little or no choice but resistance.

There has been various gatherings of frustrated PUL communities including East Belfast, West Belfast, Newtownards and Conlig. Other upcoming meetings include Antrim on Wednesday 6th November and South Belfast on the same date.

We have also seen various Resist the Betrayal act banners erected across the country.

The upcoming General Election is no doubt one of the most important our beautiful country has seen in some time. Will you stand and be counted?

We cannot be the generation that fails Ulster.

Protect the Union 🇬

Voting registration evening

Need help with your electoral registration forms? We as a group recognise not everyone uses the internet and can’t fill them in online.

Dalaradia in conjunction with our sub group the RATH. Community Group are opening our Rathcoole office at Room 21, Dunanney Centre, Rathmullan Drive, BT379DQ to help.

It will be open on Monday 4th and Wednesday 6th of November 9am to 1pm and 6pm to 8pm.

Many people worry about the process and because of this do not register which is a shame considering the importance of not only the upcoming elections but voting in general. Not sure how to? Maybe you struggle a little to read or write? Do you know someone who needs help and can refer them to us? We are here to help you.

Are you confident enough yourself but don’t know where to print the form? Use the following link – http://www.eoni.org.uk/…/5…/Registration-Form-CURRENT-FORM_2

And return it to:
Electoral Office for Northern Ireland
St Anne’s House
15 Church Street
Belfast BT1 1ER

Please bring proof of address with you IE – phone bill, electric bill, rates bill or anything with your current address on it. It will speed up your registration.

Please share – you are most welcome to attend. Defend the Union 🇬

Kill your speed signs

On Sunday evening members of Dalaradia in conjunction with our sub group the RATH. Community Group erected “kill your speed” signs after concerned residents contacted the group about speeding within the Rathcoole estate.

Statistics show a community’s approach to speed can be a proactive solution that local areas can put in place to tackle excessive speed or unsafe driving and help to improve the safety and quality of life for everyone in the community.

More signs will be erected in the future as it is a large area to cover. Many thanks to ACT for providing them. The group will also be discussing other safety measures with local elected representatives to combat this issue, the safety of our people is paramount in our work.