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Please be aware due to increasing Covid numbers and government advice to work from home The Whitehouse will be closed to walk in visitors during December and January.
Booked community and council events will continue as normal. For private tours please call 02890 801690 or message our page.
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The Ulster Tower – 100 years

At present there is a commemoration taking place at the Ulster Tower. Did you know all this wouldn’t be possible without Ian Adamson? Please click the following link for more information
Ulster Tower | 100th Anniversary | 1921 – 2021
The Ulster Tower is Northern Ireland’s national war memorial. It was one of the first Memorials to be erected on the Western Front and commemorates the men of the 36th (Ulster) Division and all those from Ulster who served in the First World War. The memorial was officially opened on 19th November 1921, at a ceremony a century ago today. It was opened almost exactly two years after a meeting at the Old Town Hall in Belfast where it was decided to have such a monument on the battlefield. The memorial was unveiled by the Chief of the Imperial General Staff of the British Army, Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson.
The memorial tower was designed by architects Albert Leigh Abbott and J.A. Bowden and is a very close copy of Helen’s Tower which stands in the grounds of the Clandeboye Estate, near Bangor. Many of the men of the Ulster Division trained in the estate before moving to England and then France early in 1916.
“This Memorial is Dedicated to the Men and Women of the Orange Institution Worldwide, who at the call of King and country, left all that was dear to them, endured hardness, faced danger, and finally passed out of the sight of man by the path of duty and self sacrifice, giving up their own lives that others might live in Freedom. Let those who come after see to it that their names be not forgotten.”
Lest we forget

Rathcoole Row on Row closing

Folks on behalf of RATH. Community Group/Dalaradia can we say a huge thank you to everyone who attended the closing of Rathcoole Row on Row today.
One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn’t as individuals. When we pool our strength and share the work and responsibility, we can achieve anything.
Many thanks to George Lunn of the Belfast City Mission for his beautiful religious service.
Many thanks to young Clarke for his poem reading.
A massive thank you to volunteers of RATH and Dalaradia for their tireless work.
Most of all, many thanks to the community for their support throughout the week. For our tomorrow, they gave their today.
 Lest we forget

Newtownabbey Times – Rathcoole Row on Row

Rathcoole Row on Row opening

Rathcoole Row on Row remembrance service 07/11/2021 – YouTube


Newtownabbey times – Sir James Craig Play park

NI Centenary: Rathcoole People’s Park renamed | Newtownabbey Times (

Sir James Craig Play Park

Today (Ulster Day) seen the renaming of the Rathcoole people’s park to the Sir James Craig Play Park as part of the councils 100 years of Northern Ireland celebrations. This renaming was suggested and facilitated by members of RATH/Dalaradia via Sir James Craigs family.
James Craig was a leading Unionist figure of his time. He became the first Prime Minister of Northern Ireland and served in that capacity for nearly 20 years. He was elected as the MP for East Down and later North Down before becoming a member of the Northern Ireland Parliament. Craig played a key role in organising resistance to the Home Rule Bill on behalf of the Ulster Unionist Party, was a supporter of partition, and was pivotal in the decision for the 6 counties to form the basis of Northern Ireland.
Brilliant for the estate and well done to all who attended and a big well done to Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council.

Jim Sheridan

Staff at the Whitehouse were delighted to recently host, (providing a tour and talk around our voluntary work) to globally acclaimed Film Director Jim Sheridan.
Jim has directed films such as My Left Foot, In America, In The Name of the Father and The Boxer.
A big boost to our voluntary staff who work so hard to fulfill the potential of this unique building.

Rathcoole Row on Row opening

Folks on behalf of RATH. Community Group and Dalaradia can we say a huge thank you to everyone who attended the opening of Rathcoole Row on Row today.
The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.
A special thank you to the following groups/members for laying wreaths:
Rathcoole Football Club sent their apologises.
A huge thank you to Rathcoole Protestant Boys Flute Band. A fine performance by them.
Many thanks to George McKimm of the Peoples Church Newtownabbey for his lovely service.
Thanks to young Clarke for his poem reading.
Many thanks to Robert Foster, Mark and the Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council for their help.
More photos and a video of the event will be shared in the coming days. The garden is an open space and is available to members of the community to lay crosses for one week, please feel free to at any stage.
Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much! Not for glory nor riches, but for our people. We hope to see you at the closing of the garden on November 13th at 11:00am.
 Lest we forget