Shore Road celebrates the centenary

Yesterday evening our group unveiled our new Dalaradia Centenary mural. It celebrates not only the Centenary of the land we hold so dear, it also recognises local Orange lodges, flute bands, the Northern Ireland football team and Ulsters connection to Rangers Football Club.


A big well done to Winston Irvine and Pride Of The Shore Flute Band who took part in the unveiling.

Respect – Heritage – Culture

Northern Ireland at a crossroads as partition centenary reflects division

Well done to Dalaradia members for engaging with Al Jazeera and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Two media outlets who unlike more local, don’t have an agenda.
Each side have a story to tell, not just one and when we do sometimes facts get lost. If we don’t tell our story, who will? Hopefully more to come in the near future. We will share the link when the ABC documentary is released.

Northern Ireland Centenary Mini Cooper

We had a visitor – the Northern Ireland Centenary Mini Cooper. A big thanks to Trevor who travelled the whole way from Castlederg for the group.
Sadly the weather isn’t for us today but we hope everyone is enjoying their day safely and sensibly.

Celebrating 100 years of Northern Ireland

3rd May 1921 is a hugely significant date. Northern Ireland was created as a legal entity under the Government of Ireland Act. Today, we celebrate the 100th anniversary of this beautiful country we call home.
Did you know premier league and UEFA Champions League winner Jonny Evans and other footballers Alan McDonald, Billy Hamilton Jimmy Nicholl and Corry Evans all stem from Rathcoole? Not to mention composer and director John Anderson and movie house chain owner Michael McAdam.
Northern Ireland has produced people like the award winning master of the flute James Galway to the best footballer to ever grace a pitch, George Best. Oscar winning actors Kenneth Branagh, Liam Neeson and award winning James Nesbitt to world renowned sports stars Rory Mcilroy, Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins, Carl Frampton, Eddie Irvine and Olympic gold medalist Dame Mary Peters.
From the Titanic and the DeLorean to the mystical Giant’s Causeway and the dark hedges, it is a time to recognise and celebrate the achievements of this small but proud country on a world stage. From our industrial heritage, sporting achievements, great military leaders and fighting spirit to eminent writers and authors through to our rich culture heritage.
So, let’s remember Northern Ireland’s successes over the last 100 years but also leave a legacy that helps to facilitate our young people to build a future and set a vision for the next 100 years.
Here’s to another 100 years.

Rathcoole celebrates the centenary

Facebook video link

It’s brilliant to see various bands within the Rathcoole area celebrating the 100th anniversary of our beautiful country safely and sensibly. Enjoy your day folks

East Antrim Loyalist Coalition

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Opposing the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol and two-tiered Policing and Justice.

Renaming the Rathcoole Play Park to the Sir James Craig NI centenary park.

Great news for Rathcoole. The council has voted in favour of renaming the Rathcoole Play Park to the Sir James Craig NI centenary park. 22 votes to 15.
A big well done to our members whom contacted Sir James’ granddaughter to seek approval which was accepted and sent to the centenary group within the council.
James Craig was a leading Unionist figure of his time. He became the first Prime Minister of Northern Ireland and served in that capacity for nearly 20 years. He was elected as the MP for East Down and later North Down before becoming a member of the Northern Ireland Parliament. Craig played a key role in organising resistance to the Home Rule Bill on behalf of the Ulster Unionist Party, was a supporter of partition, and was pivotal in the decision for the 6 counties to form the basis of Northern Ireland. A huge well done to the council.

Rathcoole celebrates the Northern Ireland Centenary

2021 is a significant year in the history of this beautiful country and the place we all call home, marking 100 years since its creation.
The centenary of Northern Ireland is a time for joyful reflection on reaching such an important milestone. We believe it is incumbent that we look back, acknowledge the present and look towards the future.
With the current worldwide pandemic, events have and will be hugely effected however we can still in our own way celebrate something so dear to our hearts and for Rathcoole, it’s a new piece of wall art.
Respect – Heritage – Culture
Would you like some more information on the Centenary? Check out the following link –

Sir Keir Starmer pays tribute to Prince Philip

Sir Keir Starmer pays tribute to Prince Philip – BBC News

Sir Keir Starmer has paid tribute to Prince Philip, who has died at the age of 99.

The Labour leader said: “The UK has lost an extraordinary public servant in Prince Philip, he dedicated his life to our country.”

Loyalist Communities Council statement