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Joel Keys – Advice to a Young Loyalist

Hi, Joel. Regarding your dilemma over whether or not to go to university, don’t worry about that or about your critics! If you never go to university, but wade through the blood and guts of thousands of maimed and murdered citizens, you could still become Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland as mass murderer IRA …

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Questions need answered on status of Irish Language Act

Ben Lowry sounded alarm bells when writing in his column, Sat, March 27th ‘There should be no Irish Language act, but it’s too late—DUP agreed it . He further commented “ The Irish Language will be key to the push to make N.I. unrecognisable as part of the U.K. Adding “ Wait until you see …

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Centenarian receives new NI Centenary flag from LCC in Belfast

Centenarian receives new NI Centenary flag from LCC in Belfast | Belfast News Letter The Loyalist Communities Council launched its new Northern Ireland centenary flag on Wednesday with a presentation to a centenarian in Belfast.   By Mark Rainey Mrs Emily Clarke being presented with the first of the LCC’s NI Centenary flags at the Somme …

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Loyalist Communities Council statement

The Loyalist Communities Council can confirm that a small delegation of its members led by Chairman David Campbell met with Lord Frost and Secretary of State Brandon Lewis on Monday. The delegation emphasised the need for significant change to the NI Protocol to bring it back into consistency with the Belfast Agreement and to remove …

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Shore Road celebrates the centenary

Yesterday evening our group unveiled our new Dalaradia Centenary mural. It celebrates not only the Centenary of the land we hold so dear, it also recognises local Orange lodges, flute bands, the Northern Ireland football team and Ulsters connection to Rangers Football Club. Videos: A big well done to Winston Irvine and Pride Of …

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Northern Ireland at a crossroads as partition centenary reflects division

Well done to Dalaradia members for engaging with Al Jazeera and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Two media outlets who unlike more local, don’t have an agenda. Each side have a story to tell, not just one and when we do sometimes facts get lost. If we don’t tell our story, who will? Hopefully more to …

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Northern Ireland Centenary Mini Cooper

We had a visitor – the Northern Ireland Centenary Mini Cooper. A big thanks to Trevor who travelled the whole way from Castlederg for the group. Sadly the weather isn’t for us today but we hope everyone is enjoying their day safely and sensibly.

Celebrating 100 years of Northern Ireland

3rd May 1921 is a hugely significant date. Northern Ireland was created as a legal entity under the Government of Ireland Act. Today, we celebrate the 100th anniversary of this beautiful country we call home. Did you know premier league and UEFA Champions League winner Jonny Evans and other footballers Alan McDonald, Billy Hamilton Jimmy …

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Rathcoole celebrates the centenary

Facebook video link It’s brilliant to see various bands within the Rathcoole area celebrating the 100th anniversary of our beautiful country safely and sensibly. Enjoy your day folks

East Antrim Loyalist Coalition

We have been asked to share, please visit.   East Antrim Loyalist Coalition | Facebook Opposing the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol and two-tiered Policing and Justice.