Andy Tyrie Interpretive Centre

Yesterday the group visited the Andy Tyrie Interpretive Centre on the Newtownards Road, East Belfast.

The centre has become a great addition to venues displaying aspects of Loyalist culture. Within the centre there are many artifacts and mementos including old Workers Strike passes, minutes from old LPA meetings, jail handicrafts, obsolete weapons and old newspaper clippings among other items.

Among them we found some signed by friends of ours – the late William “plum” Smith and Flint McCullough along with photos relating to our own groups history.





Their aim at the centre is to engage with individuals and groups to help understand the reasons around the need for the formation of various Defence Associations over 40 years ago. They also show the impact the conflict had on loyalist working class communities–in particular East Belfast.

A very enjoyable tour and a big thank you to Billy for hosting us.