Abbeydene House, Newtownabbey.

Yesterday evening our group visited Abbeydene House, Newtownabbey.

A house built in 1850 that boasts quite a history including visitors ranging from United states President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Field Marshal Montgomery and Lord Edward Carson to more recent times the singer Daniel O’Donnell.

One previous owner, Ulster Unionist Councillor Sir Crawford McCullagh, bought the house in 1915. He was also the Lord Mayor of Belfast for three terms which makes him a record breaking longest-serving lord mayor in the UK who went on to be knighted in 1918. He was the instigator of the five minute silence of remembrance in 1916 which went on to be the minutes silence used worldwide at times of remembrance. In July 12, 1916, Lord Mayor McCullagh had asked that all business, courts and traffic in the city come to a halt between noon and 12.05pm in honour of the dead Ulster soldiers of the Great War. Silence echoed through the streets of Belfast as a result of his request. This marked the occasion of our visit. We layed a wreath followed by a minutes silence.

He was commemorated with a blue plaque in 2016.

The house is now a Bed and Breakfast owned by our lovely hosts on the evening, Tim and Ethy Clifford.A very enjoyable night and we highly recommend visiting the house which is right on your doorstep.