Sammy Duddy Conflict Transformation Centre

Yesterday evening our group was invited to the Sammy Duddy Conflict Transformation Centre on the York Road, North Belfast.

The centre has become a great addition to various venues displaying aspects of Loyalist culture. Within the centre there are many artifacts and mementos including old flags, jail handicrafts, obsolete weapons and old newspaper clippings among other items.

Their aim at the centre is to engage with individuals and groups to help understand the reasons around the need for the formation of various Defence Associations over 40 years ago. They also show the impact the conflict had on loyalist working class communities–in particular North Belfast.

Named after Sammy Duddy, a leading member of the Ulster Political Research Group.Sammy was involved in the negotiations that led to the 1998 Good Friday agreement. Conflict Transformation became a focus for Sammy who sadly passed away on October 17 2007. His legacy lives on with the group in the centre focusing on community development, community safety, conflict transformation and community relations.

Many thanks for the invite and all the very best for the future.