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“I am currently Working as a Production Trainee with Double Band Films based in Belfast. We are doing some work on a proposal for BBC NI the details of which I have included bellow. Any help you or your members could offer would be greatly appreciated and any further questions or suggestions you may have can be answered by replying to this e-mail or contacting me at the number bellow or via my mobile 07849961686.

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Andy Mattison

(028)90 243331″

DoubleBand Films – migration project

DoubleBand Films are a Belfast-based documentary production company who make factual programmes for BBCNI, BBC4, and C4. Some of our recent productions include Dan Cruickshank’s Monuments to Remembrance (BBC4); Britain’s Ancient Tracks with Tony Robinson (C4), and Road, the story of the Dunlop road racing family (BBCNI).

The company are also a key producer of Ulster-Scots programmes for BBCNI, and have made successful and popular series such as Brave New World, with William Crawley, and The Band, a current series exploring the world of marching bands.

We are presently developing a new programme on the subject of migration between Ulster and Scotland, that would involve a teenage girl (over 18) from Northern Ireland embarking on a journey where she would explore her Scottish ancestry, in the company of a fellow young migrant living in Scotland.

In the course of the programme, our young contributor would discover the experience of her ancestors, who made the perilous journey from Scotland to Ulster in the late 1600s, and exploring the reasons why they left. In following in her ancestors footsteps, she’ll also find out what the Ulster landscape would have been like at that time, and discover how Scots migrants created settlements, and made new lives for themselves.

In experiencing and recreating life in late 17th Century, the programme would also see our young contributor, along with her Scottish counterpart, try their hands at activities that her ancestor would have relied on, and with the help of heritage experts they will work with animals, and create typical meals made by the settlers.

We are looking for a girl in her late teens (over 18), from an Ulster-Scots family in Northern Ireland, who would be interested in taking part in this unique project for BBCNI. They or their family do not need to be in the full knowledge of their family history, as we will be engaging with the Ulster Historical Foundation, who will assist us in the genealogical research.