Dr John Kyle

R Williamson, Coordinator, Reach UK, 240 Newtownards, Road, Belfast, BT4 IHE

“On Wednesday March 27th, members of the community in East Belfast came together in the Reach UK office on the Newtownards Road to mark the retirement of one of its local heroes, Dr John Kyle.

Dr Kyle has served the East Belfast community as a General Practiconer after graduating from Queens University Belfast and since 1993 he has been based at Holywood Arches Medical Centre. He is also a local councillor, involved with the Oasis Centre, East Belfast Community Health Information Project and the East Belfast Partnership. John is a family man with 5 children and a strong Christian commitment to serving his community

As an individual of the community, Roy Stewart presented a framed artefact from the Somme to Dr Kyle to open the proceedings and after some short speeches, Jim Wilson, Chair of Reach UK, then presented a cut glass award engraved with the title “Community Champion “ from the Reach UK Project, community development group.

The event was attended by around 60 people from all sections of the local community who came together to pay tribute to a lifetimes service by Dr Kyle, on this the occasion of his retirement.”

Reach UK