Ian Adamson Inaugural Annual Event

Yesterday evening our group hosted the “Ian Adamson Inaugural Annual Event” at Stormont Hotel, Belfast.

Dr Ian Adamson OBE was formerly our Patron before his untimley death.

The event, themed “Better Together”, aimed to discuss why we are better remaining in the Union with an insight into Ireland re-joining the Commonwealth and how that may transform relationships within the British Isles. We sought to stimulate a mature and meaningful discussion on the way forward for Northern Ireland post Brexit and on the lead up to the centenary of Northern Irelands foundation.

The event had speakers from a Trade Union, Dail Eireann and University background, the chair was a key facilitator of dialogue at the time of the Good Friday Agreement. The invited audience was drawn from civic society, ex Loyalist and Republican combatants, Academia and Community Activists amongst others.

During the evening we sought to remind people in attendance the importance of Dr Adamson’s message of promoting a cultural narrative for the British Isles to which all can belong. That we have a common identity which begins by knowing the first known name of these islands – The Isles of Pretani-and the first known name of the people – the Pretani. As language changed within the islands the Pretani would become known as the Cruthin in the island of Ireland, and in Britain the Pretani would be referred to as PRYDAIN.

Within the audience it was recognised that there was a need to ensure cultural knowledge which would remove ‘cultural confusion’. This would provide much needed stability for Northern Ireland as it navigates its way forward through Brexit and the decade of centenaries including the foundation of Northern Ireland.

Many thanks to all for attending, Dalaradia Group.