William “Plum” Smith – Untold Story

Today members of Dalaradia visited the exhibition the “Untold Story” which celebrated the life of our friend and comrade William “plum” Smith.

The exhibition opened with very moving speeches by family, friends and comrades of William.

On show was some of Williams personal memorabilia which chronicled his life as an ordinary working class Protestant family man who went on to become a Red Hand Commando Loyalist prisoner of war, peace maker and to author.

William chaired, opened and who along with others, played a pivotal role in the Loyalist ceasefires in 1994.

The exhibition is on display until 15:00 today at 178-180 Shankill Road, Belfast, BT13 2BH.

We highly recommend it. If we don’t tell our our stories? Who will?

Lest we forget