Members of Dalaradia/RATH. Community Group have been contacted by concerned residents within the Rathcoole estate after the finding of a discarded needle in the middle of a street where young children play.

The group is unsure of its use to its user however the discarding of it is an absolute disgrace. If this person is infected or drugs was still within the needle can you imagine a child poking him/herself with it? We as a group want to raise awareness on what to do if you find one and to also teach your children the importance of not touching it and reporting it to an adult.

You can report discarded syringes to your local council here –

If however you are not comfortable of it’s location and don’t want to wait here is some step by step guidance.

* Use a pair of tongs, pliers or tweezers to pick up the needle. It is best to wear rubber gloves.

* Pick the needle up by pointing the needle tip down and away from you.

* Put the needle in a container that has been placed on a stable surface. A sharps container, bleach container, or plastic peanut butter jar work well. You should not use a glass jar, light plastic container, or a milk carton, as they could break or needles could poke through.

* Do not try to put the cap back on the needle.
Wash your hands with soap and warm water.

* Take the container to a pharmacy or to SOLID