Lest we forget

Today Dalaradia remember our former Patron Dr Ian Adamson on the first year anniversary of his passing.

An incredible human being who dedicated his life to his community, serving as a Paediatrician he served those children most in need. As an elected politician he represented all without fear or favour, also serving as Lord Mayor, Deputy Lord Mayor and High Sheriff of Belfast.

Working behind the scenes he was instrumental in promoting peace in our society by engaging with individuals across the divide regardless of their background, a work he continued right until the end. His sense of a common identity for all of Ulster’s people was perhaps 30 tears ahead of his time.

As a respected Author and Historian his works on the History of Ulster and its people inspired a generation, not least his pioneering endeavours being instrumental in securing the Ulster Tower and the Story of the Somme forever. A friend of Royalty and Presidents, he never lost the common touch, not least his hugely satirical blog which lambasted the failings of our politicians,- if ever Kipling’s poem “IF” applied to anyone, it was Ian Adamson. “If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch. You’ll be a Man, my son!”

A lover of native language, literature and culture be it Pritani, Cruithin, Ulster Gaelic or Ulster Scots / Ullans he showed how culture can be enjoyed and celebrated by all in an inclusive non-threatening way and never used as a political weapon. His final completed book, perhaps the oldest written Ulster story – ” A Journey To The Immortal Isles, The Voyage of Bran” being launched throughout working class unionist communities only a few months ago.

A huge loss not only to his friends but to the whole Ulster Nation. We will remember him through support for Respect – Heritage – Culture

Robed in Red Mantles and with caps of Red
No swords had they, nor bore they sword or shield
But each man on his knee a bagpipe held

Remembered also by the committee and members of Reach UK and the Loyalist Communities Council.

Lest we forget