Ian Adamson event

Last Thursday evening our group hosted an event at the The Somme Association & Somme Museum in Conlig to remember our former patron and friend Dr Ian Adamson OBE on the 1st anniversary of his passing.

Two stained glass pieces of artwork were made by the community and donated to the Somme Museum in his memory. One piece will remain in the museum while the other will be installed in the Ulster Tower in Thiepval, France.

Our Chairperson and Carol Walker, Director of the Somme Museum and the Ulster Tower, highlighted the great work by Dr Adamson in relation to the Somme. Speakers also included David Johnson (NIO) and Robbie Hull (DFA). While in France in the 1980’s, with young people from the Shankill and Falls in Belfast and Tallaght in Dubin, Dr Adamson decided to stop off in the Somme. This would lead to the creation of the Somme Association and the refurbishment of the Ulster Tower.

His legacy lives on through his multiple projects making the past and in particular the Somme, relevant to the everyday lives of people in Northern Ireland.

A British Unionist, an Irish Royalist and an Ulster Loyalist!

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