VE Day

On this day in 1945, Europe celebrated the surrender of Nazi forces. After almost 6 years of war on the continent, VE Day or Victory in Europe Day marked a day of national celebration.

The population of Northern Ireland along with their fellow proud Britons had waited more than 5 years for this moment. They had watched people of all Religions and backgrounds lose their lives in foreign fields and suffered through the Belfast Blitz of 1941.

101-year-old Omagh war veteran Bob Lingwood reflected on the “joyous occasion” which brought an end to the war that saw him captured by the Nazis and sunk at Dunkirk. “I had served the entire length of the war with six years’ service and we were glad that we were going to get home as I had been stationed for over three and a half years in the Middle East without leave. It was joyous occasion.”

Across Northern Ireland, people took to the streets, joining family and friends in jubilant parties. Sadly today due to the pandemic we must celebrate in a different manner but celebrate none the less.

Enjoy your day folks and stay safe – they gave their today, for our tomorrow.