Pretani Associates delighted to attend the Dalaradia Historical Group Lamppost Event

Monday 28th September 2020

Plaque wording;

Late 19th century gas lamp donated by Pretani Associates, Dr Ian Adamson OBE and Helen Brooker, to the Dalaradia Historical Group to recognise their work on Common Identity. This work promotes one cultural narrative for the British Isles to which all can belong. A narrative which begins by understanding the first known name of the islands – The Isles of Pretani.

Knowledge brings a light which reveals the way forward towards stability within these islands.

Dedicated by Professor Wesley Hutchinson on the 27th November 2019.









Dalaradia have understood for many years the importance of promoting a Regional Common Identity for the British Isles. Knowing the first known name of the islands – The Isles of Pretani – and therefore the first definite name for the people, the Pretani – reveals a common identity, a common starting point for the history of these islands.

Common Identity promotes one cultural narrative to which all can belong. This cultural narrative will explain all the journeys, connections and identities that are important to people in this region. Common Identity reminds us:

· We all belong to a continent and we all belong to an area of land within that continent

· We all have travelled before settling in an area of land

· We all have strands to our family line

· We are simply the next generation, facing the same challenges, with the responsibility to secure the future of the world.

An understanding of all journeys, connections and identities within a region, often highlights to people that they have more in common with each other than they realised, but it is subsequent invasions and imposition of characteristics over many years which have confused them. The Common Identity narrative allows freedom of expression, freedom of thought and space to create a sense of belonging for all.

Having a broader perspective to history will connect people to their rich cultural history and remove cultural confusion, which is essential for creating cultural stability. Cultural stability is the foundation for achieving political and economic stability. Such stability allows societies to thrive and achieve an acceptable quality of life for all.

To Ian Adamson, a man of great wisdom, who ensured we had knowledge.