Save Monkscoole House

Share and sign folks. Petitions are easily dismissed but when one reaches 10,000 signatures parliament by law have to respond to it. If the community speak loud enough people will have to listen.
It cannot be justified to not only demolish an iconic building; but to also demolish a building that could put a small dent in an already huge and rising housing waiting list within the area.
The Housing Executive have a tower block action plan in place, rightly or wrongly. In that plan there are 33 tower blocks. Why is it that the first to be targeted is located in one of the most deprived areas in Northern Ireland with one of the highest waiting lists.
If demolished it will lay vacant for 5 years until plans are put in place to demolish the neighbouring Abbotscoole house. That leaves a possible 8 years before anything is actually physically built in the area. Nearly a decade!
At present there are around 500 families (and rising) who require immediate housing within the area.
There is no logic behind these plans. Your help would be much appreciated.