On this day….

On 13th October 1994, after a long process of consultation with members and activists across Northern Ireland, the Combined Loyalist Military Command representing the Red Hand Commando, Ulster Volunteer Force and the Ulster Defence Association, called a ceasefire bringing loyalists fully into the peace process.


The overwhelming majority appeared – and still appear – to be relieved that that part of their lives is long over and, hopefully, gone forever.

Along with many working behind the scenes people like Winston Rea and William Smith played a pivotal role in negotiations with the latter chairing the announcement.


A day with uncertainty, a day with a younger generation not experiencing as much killing, but feeling the effects of the continuing erosion of Protestant/Unionist/Loyalist culture through parades, flags and government appeasement.

Today a dissident threat still looms, focusing more on security forces. We ask them is it worth it? What legacy will we leave our children? The choice is yours!