Update: 9th Janurary 2014

“Northern Ireland is an equal part of the United Kingdom – Put the Union Flag on our driving licenses.

Responsible department: Department for Transport

We believe that Northern Ireland is an equal part of the United Kingdom, and that it is just as British as England, Scotland or Wales.

We call on Claire Perry MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Transport, and the DVLA to reverse their decision to exclude Northern Irish driving licenses from displaying the Union Flag. We believe Northern Irish driving licenses should also display the Union Flag.

The DVLA themselves have called the Union Flag a “symbolic sign of national identity”, so we are extremely disappointed that they see fit to exclude Northern Irish drivers from this policy.

We understand that some people in Northern Ireland would like the Union Flag on their driving licenses, and have no objections to those people making specific requests to opt out of having the Union Flag on their driving license.”


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About Us

Dalaradia slowly evolved from the peace process as a vehicle for  working class loyalists in Co Antrim, many of whom were ex combatants, to engage in the transformation of our communities after the troubles.
The group sought to explore all aspects of common identity in the belief that with the true understanding of our shared past a shared future might be possible for all the people of the British Isles, members continue to engage with all sections of our community in Ulster , Republic of Ireland and Scotland .
In December 2013 the group initiated its own website and facebook page as a method of sharing its experiences and inviting views from the wider community .

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