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John Stevens and Andrew Grocock

Last week members of Dalaradia/RATH. Community Group group hosted John Stevens and Andrew Grocock of the conservatives. John Stevens is a former Conservative Member of the European Parliament. Andrew Grocock is the chairman of The Conservative Monday Club.               During their visit we gave them a brief history of …

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Lampost in memory of Ian

On Tuesday 27th November members of Dalaradia dedicated a lamppost in memory of our greatly missed former patron Dr Ian Adamson OBE. Some years ago, Ian rescued this original gas lamp from Sandy Row. Around 2010 he offered it to Helen Brooker, then Chair of Belmont Tower, suggesting it could be erected there. Unfortunately it …

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Public meeting

Yesterday evening members of Dalaradia facilitated a public meeting for Newtownabbey in the Nortel Social Club. The panel included Dean McCullough of the Democratic Unionist Party, Billy Hutchinson, of the Progressive Unionist Party N.I. and Mark Cosgrove of the Ulster Unionist Party with closing comments from Moore Holmes, a Belfast based Loyalist and school teacher. …

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Our friend Jim is correct. Loyalism is a bad word due to an overly biased media. If the media sat on two stories about Loyalists, one positive and one negative, you are 99% guaranteed the negative would make the print. Sad but true. Every story needs a bad guy and we are it, unfairly might …

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Unionist Unity

Yesterday evening members of Dalaradia attended a Unionist Unity rally meeting in a packed Monkstown Social Club. Yet another meeting in a very frustrated Unionist community. The upcoming General Election is without a doubt one of the most important our beautiful country has seen in a long time. Are you registered to vote? Are you …

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Our chairman

On Sunday members of Dalaradia presented our chairman with a small token of appreciation.               Don’t know who Dalaradia are? Check out here – A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions and the compassion to listen to the needs of …

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Lest we forget

  There has been no sound of guns, No roar of exploding bombs; But the darkness has an edge That grits the nerves of the sleeper. He awakens; Nothing disturbs the stillness, Save perhaps the light, slow flap, Once only, of the curtain Dim in the darkness. Yet there is something else That drags him …

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We remember

This morning some members of Dalaradia visited graves of our former friends and comrades at a time of reflection in the run up to Remembrance Sunday. When we come together to reflect, let’s remember our duty to educate future generations of our forebears’ sacrifices. Honour – Service – Sacrifice N.Williamson L.Orr S.Wasson and our dear …

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The poppy

This morning, in conjunction with our sub group the RATH. Community Group, members of Dalaradia attended a local kids group workshop (Funky kids) and spoke to them about the meaning of the poppy, it’s history and what it represents. To our surprise some kids already had a bit of knowledge about it which was amazing …

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John Finucane and the IRA’s Human Rights’ Violations

John Finucane and the IRA’s Human Rights’ Violations