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Bertys Story

Now that the recent LCC Tanzania project is over the guys are now settled back home and sharing their stories. Below is a member of Dalaradia. Bertys story – “Hello, My Name is Robert McWilliams, Bertie to my friends. I am a loyalist from a working-class background in Carrickfergus. Recently, I was given the opportunity …

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Brave new world Over four years and across seven hours of television William Crawley has travelled to America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia to tell the stories of some remarkable Ulster-Scots men and women who made their mark in the New World. Now he returns to home soil to find out what those stories reveal about the …

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Row on Row, East Belfast

Row on Row East Belfast, which Dalaradia take part in every year – starts on 5th November. To mark the opening a scooter cavalcade will leave Belfast City Hall at 1.30 and the above date with their arrival at Row on Row, Pitt Park, Newtownards Road being around 2pm.   Come and see them arrive …

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PBS – Martin Luther – Complete documentary

Finally the LCC Tanzania Project challenge is over.

Finally the LCC Tanzania Project challenge is over.   All arrived home safe and sound yesterday evening and with the exception of a few mosquito bites everyone is in good health and condition.   Berty, a member of Dalaradia, remarked “the trip started with three groups of strangers and ended with one group of family”. …

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Reformation day

Just 12 days to go until Reformation Day 2017. In the run up to it, we will be sharing various articles and videos. The Protesant Reformation was, first and foremost, all about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was then, and it still is now.

On this day….

On 13th October 1994, after a long process of consultation with members and activists across Northern Ireland, the Combined Loyalist Military Command representing the Red Hand Commando, Ulster Volunteer Force and the Ulster Defence Association, called a ceasefire bringing loyalists fully into the peace process.   The overwhelming majority appeared – and still appear – …

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Happy Ulster Day!

Happy Ulster Day! Ulster’s Solemn League and Covenant, commonly known as the Ulster Covenant, was signed by just under half a million Irishmen and women on and before 28 September 1912, in protest against the Third Home Rule Bill introduced by the British Government in the same year.   Sir Edward Carson was the first …

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On 12th May 2016 the Loyalist Communities Council launched a Flags Protocol.   Its aim, to prevent our national emblems being left on display in a dilapidated state and asking that steps were taken to prevent this occurring. Dalaradia, as part of the LCC, ask that, as agreed, all remaining flags be taken down on …

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Straight to work

5 days in and after some sight seeing and experiencing local culture the guys are now settled and its straight to work in Africa for the LCC Tanzania Project. The purpose of this project is to promote team building, international work experience and youth development with the volunteers and to expose these youth to different …

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