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New Mural – 10/11/2018

Tomorrow evening a new mural dedicated to our friend and comrade Stevie McCrea, fondly known as “X-ray” will be unveiled. The mural is replacing an old mural dedicated to Stevie located at the junction of Hopewell Crescent and Hopewell Avenue, Lower Shankill. The event will be at 19:00 Saturday 10th November. A band will be …

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Belts and Boots to Bombs and Bullets

Yesterday evening some members attended the “Belts and Boots to Bombs and Bullets” event hosted by Gareth Mulvenna – Researcher & Author and Beano Niblock in a packed Ballymac Friendship Centre.           Using inserts from Gareth’s book ‘Tartan Gangs and Paramilitaries – The Loyalist Backlash’ and poems written by Robert, the …

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Good morning Ulster – Tartan Gangs

Gareth Mulvenna – Researcher & Author on Good Morning Ulster this morning discussing the Tartan gangs, the Red Hand Commando and his & Beano Niblocks event “Belts and Boots to Bombs and Bullets” in the Ballymac Friendship Centre tonight at 19:00. Skip to 2:16

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Politics in Northern Ireland are sclerotic Politics in Northern Ireland are sclerotic… a civic forum could hold the answer, but it must be more than just a glorified talking shop Such a body could become a mechanism for compromise, influencing a more constructive approach to political relationships, write Graham Spencer and Chris Hudson Northern Ireland has been without a functioning …

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Dr. David Hume – Ulster Scots

Yesterday evening in conjunction with REACH our group welcomed Ulster Scot historian and writer Dr. David Hume.           A former member of a Ministerial Advisory Group on Ulster Scots, he is a former journalist and senior administrator with a large cultural organisation. David was awarded a PhD in 1994 from the …

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Legacy Scandal “Legacy Scandal: ‘London and Dublin must not let IRA snatch victory from jaws of defeat,’ says Ruth Dudley Edwards In the latest essay in our series, RUTH DUDLEY EDWARDS writes that the NIO has come up with is a Sinn Fein wish list on legacy, but it is not too late to fight back …

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Inclusivity and diversity

On Friday September 28th , Reach UK hosted what is thought to be an inaugural event between a Loyalist Community Group and members of the LGBT community. Held in the Reach office , Newtownards Road, Belfast. As part of their ethos of an inclusive Britishness for all, Reach UK invited members of the PUL and …

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Ulster Day

Happy Ulster day folks.         Ulster’s Solemn League and Covenant, commonly known as the Ulster Covenant, was signed on and before 28 September 1912. The signatories, 471,414 in all were in protest against the Third Home Rule Bill introduced by the British Government in the same year. Sir Edward Carson was the …

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State of the Union – All welcome