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19/3/16 – North Belfast Remembers



On Saturday 19th March, the group took part in the North Belfast Remembers project. The event was organised by the History Hub Belfast – Each participant set sail a glass bottle with an LED light and details of an individual man or woman from the North Belfast area who served in the First World War into the Victoria Channel.

This was an inter-generational project combining history and arts.

Adults and children across North Belfast took part in workshops to tell the stories of First World War servicemen from their areas. At workshops in North Belfast, the adults researched a serviceman and wrote a letter to a local child about his life. Each child received a letter and designed their glass bottle to represent his story. The memorial event was the culmination of the project where the participants released their letters in painted glass bottles into the water at the Titanic Pump House near HMS Caroline.

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The sea of lights served as a poignant reminder of those lost during the First World War.

Many thanks to the organisers and funders – Lest we forget!


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