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James Orr Commemoration 24/4/16

On the 24th April the group celebrated the life and works of the famous poet James Orr on his birthday. Also known as the Bard of Ballycarry, he was from Ballycarry, Co. Antrim who wrote in English and Ulster Scots.

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The group had a wreath laying ceremony accompanied by a piper and Blue Plaque with a short speech by Dr David Hume.

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Many thanks to all in attendance.


As we were, Comrades, at the time
We mov’d frae Ballycarry,
To wan’er thro’ the woody clime
Burgoyne gied oure to harrie:
Wi’ frien’s consent we prie’t a gill,
An’ monie a house did call at,
Shook han’s, an’ smil’t; tho’ ilk fareweel
Strak, like a mighty mallet,
Our hearts, that day