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Battle of the Somme 100 year anniversary

On the evening of the 1st July, the Group commemorated the Battle of the Somme 100 year anniversary.


On the night we had a Somme Musical presentation by Brian Irvine. Entertainment and also a beautiful set by the Ulster Grenadiers Flute Band from Carrickfergus.


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We then had a wreath laying ceremony.

We would like to take this time to thank Brian Ervine, the Ulster Grenadiers, the Whiteabbey Masonic, the caterers and our membership and guests for a very enjoyable evening.

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During the Battle of the Somme the 36th Ulster Division was the only division of X Corps to have achieved its objectives on the opening day of the battle. This came at a heavy price, with the division suffering in two days of fighting 5,500 officers and enlisted men killed, wounded or missing. War correspondent Philip Gibbs said of the Division, “Their attack was one of the finest displays of human courage in the world”.

They gave their today, for our tomorrow. Lest we forget!