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5/1/17 Drug awareness

Yesterday evening the group attended a drug awareness discussion in the Barron Hall, Glengormley.



The discussion focused on the underlying issues of drug and alcohol users and general mental health. David Boyd of the North Belfast PSNI shared recent statistics of drug finds and prosecutions with some down, some up and an ever growing worrying trend with young people and drug abuse.


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Key speaker Tracy Bell shared a very harrowing account of her experience with drug users. Her story was a stark reminder of how drugs and alcohol can affect not only the user but also the people around them. She is a credit to her profession. Her work, along with others on helping people must be commended.

We have no doubt it had an impact on the people in attendance. To tackle these problems, we must educate ourselves on them.

Many thanks to Tracy, David and Kathy Wolff for hosting us.

Note: We have posted about Drugs in the past, which can be viewed on the following link –