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We at Dalaradia wish the Princess of Wales a speedy recovery following her recent cancer diagnosis and treatment. Princess of Wales reveals cancer treatment: Timeline of events | ITV News God bless

Mental health first aid

Yesterday evening members of Dalaradia/RATH completed a mental health first aid training course. Did you know that 1 in 4 people in the UK are likely to experience mental health problems each year? By developing a greater understanding of common mental health conditions, as well as how best to support and guide someone to professional …

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St Patricks Day

Happy St Patricks day It is usually assumed that Southern Irish Catholics were the first to bring the traditions of St. Patrick’s Day to America and were the first to hold parades on that day to celebrate “Irishness”. That assumption is wrong… In 1737 the Charitable Irish Society was formed in Boston by Scotch-Irish Presbyterian …

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St Patrick’s Breakfast

Thanks to all who supported our first St Patrick’s Breakfast in Nortel Social Club. This was a free event advertised on our Facebook page and it was great to see new faces today. Fantastic presentation by Dr David Hume on the origins of St Patrick whose parades began by the British Army in America. The …

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Over The Wall Ladies Group

Dalaradia were delighted to host the Over The Wall Ladies Group today for a tour of the Whitehouse with refreshments provided and a film and historical talk. Many thanks to the ladies for all the positive feedback.

St Matthews Church

Our Chair was delighted to attend St Matthews Church tonight and contribute to the many talented performers by giving a presentation on St Patrick and the origins of the parades to honour him, which we will post on Sunday 17th. Many thanks and well done to our partners BCN – Building Cultural Networks


Yesterday afternoon members of Dalaradia attended a meeting hosted by some local elected members of the Macedon area. The aim of the meeting was for people/groups with a vested interest in working together to address local issues and explore ways to collectively resolve them. Since our inception we are extremely proud to have consistently tried …

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Purple poppy

Yesterday evening members of Dalaradia/RATH met with Rathcoole’s own Bryan Phillips BEM at Rathcoole Row on Row. Bryan has embarked on a unique fundraising idea, this time involving the purple poppy. It remembers animal victims of war. Like humans, animals including horses, dogs and birds living in war zones suffer from the effects of war …

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Community Notice

Community Notice   The Maceon area Elected Members are inviting local residents, community organisations, bands, sports organisations and anyone with a vested interest in working together to address local issues in the Macedon area to a meeting to discuss these and explore ways to collectively resolve them. The meeting will be: Wednesday 13th March 2024 …

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Our new film

Dalaradia screened our second film this evening on NVTV, Freeview and Virgin – “Women Sharing History”. If anyone missed it, it is on our YouTube channel. WOMEN SHARING HISTORY FROM DALARADIA TO DALRIADA ( The film tells of two women’s groups demonstrating the work they do in their communities on a daily basis. It is …

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