Carrick Womens Group

Many thanks to Martin Snodden for delivering his presentation.
Ordinary Times Extraordinary Women on such an appropriate day and to Carrick Womens Group, some of whom are pictured by our new sign for The Whitehouse.


A big welcome to Herstory, a group of ladies working every day in North Ulster to enhance their community.
Delighted to screen their female film and continue to discover shared themes. As part of The Whitehouse history, each visitor received a copy of William and the Boyne by Dr Ian Adamson.
Best wishes to all on International Womens Day

Women Sharing History

Today is International Womens Day. To mark it, we will be screening our second film – “Women Sharing History”.
It will be shown tonight at 8:30pm on NVTV. Freeview channel 7 and Virgin channel 159 – We will also be releasing the video on social media this evening.
It follows our first film Quest for Dalaradia. The film tells of two women’s groups demonstrating the work they do in their communities on a daily basis. It is set in the Ballymena/Ballymoney historical territory of Dalradia. The film highlights the rich cultural Ulster-Scots traditions playing out in daily lives.
If anyone is interested in screening either film please contact us.

International Women’s Day

All set up to welcome the girls groups visiting us today as we celebrate International Women’s Day
Looking forward to viewing our Film Women Sharing History tonight on NVTV

International Book Day

To mark International Book Day we hosted a book club in The Whitehouse.
What other book could we debate but Dalaradia Kingdom of the Cruithin by Dr Ian Adamson OBE.
Telling the story of the First Nation Ulster People, particularly in Co Antrim, it is a must read for all students of our culture and heritage.

Professor Wesley Hutchinson

Book your space for Democracy Week keynote address by Professor Wesley Hutchinson
Don’t forget to book your place for the upcoming Democracy Week keynote address from Irish Studies academic Professor Wesley Hutchinson – who was born in Harryville in Ballymena and is Professor Emeritus at the prestigious Sorbonne Nouvelle University in Paris.
Democracy Week aims to encourage people to celebrate democracy. Last year’s keynote speech was delivered by former BBC NI politics editor Mark Devenport, who reflected on his time as a political correspondent in the UK and America.
This year’s keynote address will take place on 5 March at 7.30pm in Carrick Town Hall. Professor Hutchinson’s talk is entitled “The Ulster-Scots literary tradition: Underpinning democracy in the community” and he will be drawing on the Ulster-Scots literary tradition showing how it showcases fundamental democratic values.
Professor Hutchinson was born in Harryville and educated at Ballymena Academy before embarking on a distinguished academic career.
He is a leading academic in the field of Ulster Scots and author of ‘Tracing the Ulster Scots Imagination (2018)’.
The event is free to attend. To book your place contact

Cultural Charter Group

Dalaradia on behalf of The Cultural Charter Group hosted an Addiction Awareness evening in the Nortel Social Club, tackling the issues of Gambling, Drink and Drugs addiction and the Trauma caused by this in our local community.
Big thanks to Willie and Angela for their real life experiences, also Martin Snodden and Sharon from Extern. Further help and assistance has been offered by Extern and Martin to groups and individuals. Fantastic feedback from all concerned and appreciation to those who turned up to support our local community including Psni and NIHE. Anyone wanting to come on board the Charter Group please contact:

Pride of the Hill

Last week we hosted the The Pride of the Hill, Carnmoneys visit the Somme Museum.
They went on a tour of the museum followed by a cup of tea and a chat. We hope they enjoyed it.

South Antrim Housing Community Network Youth Sub-committee

RATH were honoured to be requested onto the first South Antrim Housing Community Network Youth Sub-committee (YHCN) after our previous engagements within the HCN over the years.
It is a group of young people passionate about housing and the communities they live and met for the first time recently. We feel the voice of the youth is as needed as those who have experienced the current and past challenges. We really look forward to being involved.


Today Dalaradia attended the consultation in the Dunanny Centre in reference to the new pitch and community hubb.
You can submit your views in person or online until March 11th.