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The Launch of the Bible in Plain Scots 21/1/15

For more information on The Launch of the Bible in Plain Scots by the Ullans Academy please click the following link:

Scotland Study Trip report 19/1/2015

Please lick the following link for a report on our recent Scotland Study Trip

Dalaradia Study Tour of Dumbarton Rock by Dr Ian Adamson OBE

  At least as far back as the Iron Age, Dumbarton Rock, which the Dalaradia group are visiting  with Pretani Associates, has been the site of a strategically important settlement. Its early residents were known to have traded with the Romans. The presence of a settlement is first recorded in a letter Saint Patrick wrote to …

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Update: 9th Janurary 2014

“Northern Ireland is an equal part of the United Kingdom – Put the Union Flag on our driving licenses. Responsible department: Department for Transport We believe that Northern Ireland is an equal part of the United Kingdom, and that it is just as British as England, Scotland or Wales. We call on Claire Perry MP, …

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About Us

Welcome, Dalaradia slowly evolved from the peace process as a vehicle for  working class loyalists in Co Antrim, many of whom were ex combatants, to engage in the transformation of our communities after the troubles. The group sought to explore all aspects of common identity in the belief that with the true understanding of our …

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